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There is a place for every girl in Girl Scouts! Individually registered members, also known as IRMs, are girl members who participate in the Girl Scout program without being associated with a troop.

Girls in any grade (kindergarten through 12th) can be an IRM where she will discover a world of opportunities through Girl Scouts - Louisiana Pines to the Gulf.

IRMs do not attend regularly scheduled troop meetings. Instead, with guidance from support staff, guardians, or registered adult mentors, they mix and match their interests to customize their year. Girls decide what activities to participate in, what skills to learn, and which awards to complete - all at their own pace.

By participating in Girl Scouts as an IRM, girls have the power to build their very own Girl Scout experience and still reap the benefits of being part of the preeminent leadership development organization for girls. IRMs:
• Gain leadership experience
• Develop a sense of belonging
• Create a well-rounded Girl Scout experience
• Complete activities on their own timeline

Here are a few ways IRMs can choose to join in on the fun!
• Attend council, service unit, and community partner sponsored events
• Participate in special interest groups
• Serve their community through service projects and Take Action projects
• Earn Leadership and Mentoring Awards
• Earn Highest Awards
• Experience camp
• Explore the world through travel

Plus, all of these progressive, exceptional experiences can be funded by participating in our annual Fall Sweets & Treats and Girl Scout Cookie programs.


Want to learn more about the IRM Network? Check out our IRM Network Guidebook for girls!


Have more questions? Visit our IRM FAQ for more information.


Guardian/Mentor Resources

  •  Volunteer Toolkit is a free digital resource that supports IRMs (coming soon) and the adults who lead them in planning and executing badge work. Using VTK makes online organization, planning, and curriculum building possible. Log into VTK by clicking the yellow text, "My GS/VTK," in the top-level navigation of our website. Choose "Volunteer Toolkit," and log in with the email address you use for Girl Scouts.
  • gsLearn training is an online and on-demand training platform. Guardians and mentors have access to lessons that will teach them about the tools available to their girls as an IRM, and more!

Questions about how to participate as an Individually Registered Member? Contact us at!