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Troop Bank Accounts

There's no limit to what girls can do with the help and support of volunteers like you.

With your troop/group, the first step is to visit or call the bank branch where you wish to open a business checking account for your troop.

We recommend that troops open accounts at the following banks which have proven they work well with Girl Scout troops.

- Iberia Bank
- Red River
- Hancock Whitney
- Barksdale Federal Credit Union

Get the name and email address of the banker to who you spoke with. 


Complete the "Open New Bank Account" form.

The GSLPG Member Support staff will assure that the named signers on your form are listed in the GSUSA membership database as the current appointed leaders of the troop/group, are unrelated adults, and have passed a background check.

Once all volunteer roles and background checks are finalized, GSLPG emails the banker a letter authorizing the troop to open a business checking account using the EIN (Employer Identification Number) of GSLPG and includes a W-9.

You will receive a copy of the authorization letter sent to the bank.


With authorization letter in hand, return to your banker and fill out signature cards and get the documentation of your account routing and account number.


Submit your new bank account numbers to GSLPG using the "Bank Account Registration" form. 


Remember that if you leave the troop or are taking over a troop bank account that is already established you must notify GSLPG using the "Request to Change Bank Account Signers" form.