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For Cookie Sellers

Here at GSLPG, we know how important the Girl Scout Cookie Program is to you. When you sell cookies, you're doing more than helping your customers stock up on delicious treats (and having lots of fun). You have a goal in mind: to power life-changing programs, experiences, and learning for yourself and your troop all year long.

When you participate in the Girl Scout Cookie Program, you’re part of something even bigger than you, your troop, and all the amazing girls nationwide that sell too; you’re part of the largest girl-led entrepreneurial program in the world! Having the opportunity to run your very own cookie business gives you skills essential for success today and in the future.

   Goal Setting

   Decision Making

   Money Management 

   People Skills

   Business Ethics 

You even get to bring meaningful moments of joy to all your customers with every box of delicious treats you sell! How special is that? Very—especially in challenging times like these.

Getting Started

Girl wishing to participate with a troop in the 2022-2023 Girl Scout Cookie Program will need:

  • To be a registered member for the 2023 Girl Scout year.
  • A signed and submitted electronic Parent Agreement form.
  • To get materials and guidance from Troop Cookie Manager ... set goals, make a plan to reach them, and rock this cookie program with the support of the troop and parent(s)!
Can I sell Girl Scout Cookies without a troop?

Definitely! Individually Registered Members must:

  • be registered for the 2022-2023 membership year 
  • submit a Parent Agreement Form and choose the IRM option. 

An IRM selling cookies has several options in how she participates:

  1. She may sell individually, with her parent/guardian acting as her troop leader.
  2. A group of IRMs within one service unit may sell cookies as a group.
  3. She may sell with a troop at any level. 

Need more info on how to sell cookies as an IRM? See 'Individual Registered Member' section below.

Important Dates
12/27 Digital Cookie sites available.
Girls and families can begin logging in and setting up their Digital Cookie sites.
01/06 Digital Cookie Phase begins.
Girls may begin sending out product emails once their sites are set up, and customers will be able to start placing orders.
01/06 Initial order taking begins.
Girls may begin taking cookie orders on order cards supplied by Troop Cookie Managers. Girl Scouts must adhere to council's COVID-19 safety guidelines while participating in cookie program activities.
01/14 Council Cookie Rally
This hybrid (in-person and virtual options available) rally will get you excited, energized, and prepared for the 2023 Girl Scout Cookie Season.
01/22 Initial Order taking ends.
Girls may continue selling through Goal Getter cards, and through their Digital Cookie sites.
02/10 Booth Sales begin.
Girls/Parents/Volunteers must follow all council COVID-19 guidelines while operating cookie booths. Be sure to check out our handy Booth Resources for tips and tricks on a successful booth.
02/17-02/19 National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend
Stay tuned for resources and tips & tricks on how to make the most out of NGSCW.
03/05 Cookie Sale ends
Way to go! Great job on an awesome cookie sale!
Cookie Program Participation Options

Check out the different ways you can participate in the Modified Traditional Cookie Program. From selling online-only, conducting in-person sales, or a hybrid of the two, you've got options to safely take part in the cookie program!

Sales Type Online Cookies Hybrid Cookies:
Order-Taking & Delivery
In-Person Cookies:
Cookies in Hand
Digital Cookie Online Account Girls set up their Digital Cookies Online Account for digital ship orders and donations Girls set up their Digital Cookies online account for Digital ship orders, donations, and girl delivery orders. Girls set up their Digital Cookies online account for Digital ship orders, donations, and girl delivery orders.
Digital Cookie Links Girls share their unique cookie sales link via email and social media. Girls share their unique cookies sales link via email, social media, local neighborhood sites, and at parent/guardian workplaces. Girls share their unique cookie sales link via email, social media, local neighborhood sites, and at parent/guardian workplaces.
Cookie Booths   Virtual Booths
Girl Share upcoming booth/lemonade stand information, take online orders/payments, deliver via contactless curbside pick-up.
Troops can sign up or secure booths (outdoor, drive-thru), take contactless payments, give cookies to customers or load cookies in vehicles.
Door-to-Door Sales Girl can add their Digital Cookie sales link to door hangers or business cards to leave at residences for contactless door-to-door sales. Girls take orders with their order card while going door-to-door in teir neighborhood and then deliver the cookies later. Girls can go door-to-door with cookie inventory, take contactless payment, or load cookies into vehicles.
Workplace Sales Girls team up with their parent/guardian to collect email addresses of interested customers, then send e-cards or share sales links from Digital Cookie for direct ship orders. Girls write a personal statement that the parent/guardian can leave with the order card. Orders are collected, then deliver the cookies later. Girls can visit parent/guardian workplaces with cookie inventory, take contactless paryment, give cookies to customers.
Mobile Sales     Girls can participate in walkabouts with a wagon or sled, take contactless payment, give cookies to customers.
Digital Cookie
Individually Registered Members (IRM)