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Fall Sweets & Treats Program

Fall Product Program 2022 Large

The 2022 Fall Product Program is almost here! Girls will begin selling nuts, candies, magazines, and more from October 3rd - November 9th. This is a council-sponsored family and friends’ program that helps troops and girls fund their Girl Scout year. Girls are empowered with key business skills, such as, Goal Setting, Decision Making, Money Management, People Skills and Business Ethics.

Girls also learn facts about endangered species, create their own personalized avatars, have a chance to earn patches including one that looks just like them, and even the opportunity to win their very own mascot!

Don't wait to get started. Submit your Parent Permission Form and Troop Agreement today! Troops that do not have an ACH Authorization Form on file be sure to submit to ensure your troop can participate. Check out the FAQ on the Automated Clearing House program if you need more information.


Important Dates





Fall Product Program Online Training available on gsLearn


Volunteer M2OS Access


Fall Program begins








Paper orders end! Family deadline for entering in person orders into M2OS, make reward choices and Money for orders turned in to troop

Deadline for Troop to enter or edit items sold on M2OS. Online Sales end

Last day for troops to make reward choices for girls

Fall ACH draft from Troop Bank Account

Product delivery to SU’s. You will be notified by your Service Unit Fall Product Manager of the time and place to pick up your products


All products delivered to customers



Are you an IRM?

Individually Registered Members (IRMs) can paticipate in the Fall Product Program too!

Are you a Girl Scout without a troop? Is your troop not participating in the Fall Product Program, but you would still like to?  Here's what to do:

  • Be a registered member for the 2022-2023 Girl Scout year
  • Complete a Parent Permission Form
  • Check your email for a communication about your participation!

That's it! Join the program today.

Automated Clearing House FAQ

Are you new to the council's product programs? Check out the info below on the council's method for collecting payment through Automated Clearing House. We must have an ACH Authorization Form on file in order for you to participate in any council product program.

What is ACH?

ACH stands for Automated Clearing House and refers to an electronic banking network used for direct deposit and electronic bill payment. If your paycheck is direct deposited into your bank account, then you are already using ACH. ACH is employed by many different institutions and is already in use by many Girl Scout councils around the country. 

How does ACH work?

ACH works by allowing a third party to either debit or credit a troop’s account. The ACH Debit/Credit Authorization Form that will need to be filled out by the troop will authorize these actions. This paperwork includes information such as the troop’s bank account and bank routing numbers and is supported by a voided check from the troop’s bank account. Troops will simply deposit all money collected from Product Programs into their troop’s account. A calculation is made to determine the amount due to Council and is communicated to the troop in advance for review. Then on predetermined dates, the amount is “swept” from the troop’s bank account into GSLPG’s bank. The troop does not need to use special deposit tickets nor locate GSLPG’s banking information and plan a special trip to the bank. The amount of money that is pulled is based on proven percentages from orders, such as the percentage of an initial cookie order. 

Will troops need to fill out the authorization form every year?

No, as long as the bank account and the signers stay the same. If the bank information changes or there is a change in signer, a new ACH form will need to be filled out and sent to Council.

Does my troop have to have a bank account to participate in ACH?


Is ACH mandatory for my troop or service unit?

Yes, participation in ACH is required for all Troops.

Will a troop be notified before the money is swept out of the account?

Yes. Troop leaders and troop product program chairs will be notified of dates and amounts that will be withdrawn from their troop account for each sweep prior to the transaction. 

What are the benefits of ACH?
  • Less work for the Troop Product Program Manager. They will not have to deal with deposit slips or have to make deposits into both the troop account and then into GSLPG’s account.
  • No worries for the troop about over depositing money into the Council account and then needing to wait for a refund.
  • It’s greener. Less paper mailings for refund checks and no deposit slips for the Council account.
  • All troops can participate easily and bank at their neighborhood bank.