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Kicking off Cookie Consignment

As ever, we are committed to conducting a Girl Scout cookie program that is safe for our members, and we know that safety applies to physical health and wellness as well as financial well-being. Because of this, we are instituting a Cookie Consignment for these final weeks of our cookie sale.

From February 22 – March 6, troops who pick up over 20 cases of cookies from a council cupboard will be allowed to return any unsold inventory to their local cookie cupboard on March 9, after the sale ends. Eligible troops will not be responsible for the cost of returned cases as long as cookie cases pass a quality control inspection.

Check here for details, dates, eligibility requirements, and procedures.

We are hopeful that this consignment program will lift much of the financial burden from our Girl Scout families in these trying times. Thank you for being the heart of the Girl Scout Cookie Program and proving that together, we’ve got this!