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Cookie Cupboard Updates and National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend


Lafayette and Lake Charles cookie cupboards are open and they have Thin Mints! Delivery trucks are beginning to thaw enough to replenish cupboards in the South. Orders that have already been placed for Lafayette and Lake Charles cupboards can be filled and we will continue updating the eBudde system as we get more in. Alexandria’s cupboard will open for regular hours on Saturday, but Monroe and Shreveport cupboards will remain closed Saturday as delivery trucks are still making their way through the Frozen Tundra, aka North Louisiana.

Girl Scouts in the South are looking forward to getting back to booths just in time for National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Remember to mention it to customers and maybe even create a special cookie bundle for the occasion! Girl Scouts in the North who don’t have access to physical cupboards/booths because of the weather this weekend don’t have to miss out! Since those of us in the north are all iced in together, now would be a prime time to update your Digital Cookie site and send family, friends, and Facebook Fam a reminder to buy through your link to support National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend! Snowed-in audiences might also appreciate the chance to get their favorite cookies through a Virtual Cookie Booth since they can’t make it out to a booth to purchase either. Check out the Resources drop-down on our Cookie Sellers page for more ideas on how to sell digitally and still be involved in the National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend!