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Renew your Membership

Strength, resiliance, togetherness, and the support of community - that's what Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf is all about. So in this uncertain world, you can count on one thing for sure: today, tomorrow, together, we are on your team.

When you stick with Girl Scouts, you're not just giving your girl somthing to do, you're giving her someone to be. The bravest, boldest, best version of herself. The version of herself that walks with her head a bit higher and acts with confidence.

And as she grows, we'll grow with her, guiding her through life's ups and downs, supporting her strength, and showing her new and exciting paths to take.


2023 Renewal Incentives


Who can register/renew membership?

Troop leaders can register members of their troop (girls and adults).
Families can register all members of their family in a single transaction.
Individuals can register themselves.

How to register/renew?

Login to your Girl Scout Membership Portal via the MY GS tab on our website to update your information and renew your membership.

How do I log-in and/or reset my password?

Returning User - Log in using the MY GS tab on our website using the email address and password you originally set up for the Girl Scout Membership Portal. If you have forgotten your password –you can reset it by clicking “Forgot Password”. You will then receive an email from Girl Scouts with a link to reset your password. If you have trouble logging in contact GSLPG and we’ll help you out.

First Time Users – Click on the “reset password” link and enter your email address in the username field that you provided GSLPG when your registered for Girl Scouts. An email will be sent to that email address to reset your password and create a user profile for the Girl Scout Membership Portal. If you have trouble logging in contact GSLPG and we’ll help you out.

How much does it cost to renew?

The cost of a membership is $25.

How does financial assistance work for renewal?

This year, a limited amount of Financial Assistance will be offered to girls who qualify on a first come, first served basis. You may request if by selecting “Financial Assistance” payment options during renewal in your Girl Scout Membership Portal (MY GS).

Can I use Cookie Dough?

Yes, if your girl has earned cookie dough, you may request it by selecting the “Program Credits” payment options during renewal in your Girl Scout Membership Portal (MYGS).

Registration will then be pending while we verify their cookie dough availability and, once verified, the membership renewal will be processed.

Do I need to register multiple times if I belong to more than one troop?

All current volunteer positions, including all troop and service unit positions will auto populate during the volunteer renewal. If a volunteer has positions with more than one troop they will also show up. If a troop doesn’t show up please finish registering and then contact GSLPG.

How do I change personal and/or troop information?

Members can now update their information in the Girl Scout Membership Portal located via the MY GS tab on our website. Members can login and update personal information from the My Household & My Profile tabs and update Troop information from the My Troop tab.

If you're having trouble, use our Contact Form to let us know or email us at

You can tell us if a girl is transferring in or out of your troop, update a girl's grade or school, change an address, and more.

What if I cannot see my volunteer roles or I want to add a role?

If you do not see your volunteer role(s) please finish registering and then contact GSLPG. We can easily assign your volunteer role after you have registered. If you are changing your volunteer role or adding an additional role please finish registering and then contact GSLPG.

I have a missing member/incomplete list...

Girls who did not have a 2020 membership or were not listed with your troop will not appear on the renewal page. If you see a troop member is missing they can register themselves, or you can contact GSLPG to register them with your troop. Be sure to provide the member’s name, email address, birthdate and/or grade in Fall of 2020.

When do I need to have my background check?

Adult Girl Scout members holding a GSLPG volunteer role are required to
complete a background check every three years. The background check is at no cost to the volunteer and is completed online. Following the completion of 2020-2021 membership registration all volunteers who have not completed a background check in previous years, or have not completed a background check in the past three years will be asked to complete a background check.

Volunteers completing the background check will receive two emails, one from GSLPG and one from the background check vendor, including specific directions on completing the background check.

Background checks expiring prior to 10/1/2020 must be redone BEFORE a troop leader can complete their troop’s renewal.

What is Extended Year Membership?

Beginning April 1st, Extended Year Membership is a $35 registration option that will allow the following:

New and lapsed members can sign up for both the current membership year as well as the 2021-2022 year. MORE INFO.