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Happy National Volunteer Month!

At Girl Scouts, we want every girl to be so excited about her future that she can hardly wait for it, because she knows she can achieve anything she sets her mind to.

That feeling starts with one day, one meeting, or one role model that shows her she can accomplish more than she ever imagined. That role model is you.

As a volunteer, you'll introduce girls to new experiences that make every day feel like the best day ever. Because we want our girls to try everything they've ever dreamed, we let them have a say in what they'll do next. But at every turn, you'll be their cheerleader, guide, and mentor, helping them develop skills and confidence that will last long after the meeting is over. Imagine the smiles, the excitement, the memories you'll make-those are the moments you'll share at Girl Scouts.

Whether you can give a day, a few weeks, or the whole year, it all starts with you.

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