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Click the image above to login into the eBiz system. Check out the Frequently Asked Questions below if you run into problems, or contact us at info@gslpg.org!


eBiz FAQ

Online event registration makes signing up for your favorite events a piece of cake! With an eBiz login, you quickly and securely register for all kinds of council events like camps, kick-off parties, cookie celebrations and more! Check out these Frequently Asked Questions to learn how the eBiz Online Event registration will work!

What is eBiz and Where Can I find it?

eBiz is our online registration system for Events, Training, and Camps eBiz uses a DIFFERENT LOGIN than the one you used for MyGS (Volunteer Systems).

The link to eBiz is located on the far right of the top navigation bar of the website. Each individual event’s registration link will also take you to the ebiz site where a login button will be available as well as information on the event.

What is the difference between eBiz and the MyGS accounts?

eBiz is the online Registration/Reservations system for Program Events and Activities, Camps, and Trainings that are offered by the council. This system is separate from the My GS community. 

My GS community system is used to renew Membership and update personal demographic information

How to determine if I already have an eBiz Account

Ebiz was the system used to process online membership prior to the introduction of the MyGS portal and some parents and volunteer may already have an eBiz account set up. If you can check and see if you have an account by clicking on the Username? link in the Current Member Login box and submit your information. You will receive an error message if your account cannot be located. If you need assistance with setting up eBiz access, please email us at info@gslpg.org or call 800-960-2093.

How Do I Set Up My eBiz Account?

If you do not already have an eBiz account, please visit the eBiz page on our website Select the "New Online Account" button and complete the info there. If you receive an error message and are instructed to Contact the Council, please do so. This is most likely due to missing data in our database that is required for login creation, such as your date of birth. As part of the eBiz login creation, you will be asked to create a user ID and password. Do NOT use the same user ID you have used for MyGS. An email is not a suitable user id for this system. eBiz user id and passwords must be a minimum of (7) alphanumeric characters long, no special characters like @, #%_, contain at least one uppercase letter and one number.

How do I reset my eBiz Password?

Under Current Member Login, enter your Username, and then click on "Password?". Enter your Username again and Email. Hit Reset Password. You will receive a Password Request email from Admin with a link. Click on the link and enter your new password. Confirm password and hit Update. If you continue to have problems, contact Customer Care at 1-800-960-2093 or email us at info@gslpg.org.

I have tried resetting my password to eBiz and still can’t seem to log in, what should I do?

If you are having trouble logging in to eBiz, please contact Customer Care at 1-800-960-2093 or email info@gslpg.org.

How Do I register for Activities (Events, Training, Camp)?
  1. Navigate to the Events page of our website.
  2. From the Event Calendar, find your activity and CLICK ON IT
  3. Then Click on the name of the activity in green when the short description pops up.
  4. This takes you to a screen with a longer description and a REGISTER NOW button.
  5. Click on REGISTER NOW and this takes you to the event in eBiz, our online registration system. You can see more information about the event, pricing, and capacity.
  6. At the bottom of the screen, CLICK ON "LOGIN HERE" to log into eBiz. Log in with your eBiz login, NOT your MyGS login.
  7. Once logged in, SELECT REGISTRANTS by checking the box next to their name. (If you are a Troop Leader, SELECT ALL REGISTRANTS FROM THE TROOP ROSTER, INCLUDING YOURSELF AND CHILD. Also, see "How do I Register My Troop section for additional important information).
  8. CLICK "CONTINUE". NOTE: The Legend displays possible problems with your registration. It does not indicate that your registration actually has these issues. If one of the symbols appears NEXT to the name in your registrant list, that is the only time there may be a problem. 
  10. The next screen asks for Emergency Contact Information. For a Girl, you can select the Guardian1 or Guardian2 from the drop down and the system will fill this section out for you. For Adults, you must physically enter the information.
  11. Click CONTINUE to proceed.
  12. At the Payment screen, if your order is correct, you can CHECK OUT.NOTE: Be sure there is no pop-up blocker activated in your browser. This will prevent the payment from processing.
  13. After payment is successful, you can print a receipt of your order.
How do I register my troop for an activity online?

You can register your troop in much the same way as you would register your child. The big difference is you would select the registrants from your TROOP ROSTER, not your Family Roster.

If you have less than six registrants to register, you merely select the registrants from the troop roster in eBiz, enter the emergency contact info by selecting their Guardian 1 or 2 from the dropdown, and continue to payment. However, if you have more than six people to register, you must follow the workaround below to avoid setting off a bug in the system that will present a large SERVER VP error screen. Troop leaders registering more than SIX people for an activity must follow the following steps:

After selecting your activity, SELECT UP TO SIX REGISTRANTS from your troop roster and enter their Emergency Contact Information

SEARCH FOR THE EVENT AGAIN, and select the next set of up to SIX registrants, enter their emergency contact info

Repeat the last step until everyone is in the Shopping Cart.

Pay for the registration.

Failure to follow these steps will result in a Server VP Error screen. If you attempt the registration repeatedly without following these steps, your browser cache will need to be cleared and you will have to log out and try again. Following the steps above will allow you to successfully register your troop on the first attempt.

I am getting a Server VP Error screen when registering my troop for an event.

If you have attempted to register more than six girls from your troop you will receive this error. Try logging out of eBiz and logging back into the system and follow the work around steps listed in the How to Register My Troop for an Online Activity Section of the FAQ’s

How do I cancel an activity registration?

If you need to cancel your registration for an Activity, you must notify us within TWO WEEKS PRIOR to the event in writing. 1) Send an email requesting a cancellation to Customer Care or complete/submit the Contact Us form. If you are sending an email, put "ACTIVITY CANCELLATION/REFUND" in the subject line. 2) You will be issued a refund once the Registration/Reservation has been cancelled. We are unable to honor any requests for refunds for Registration/Reservation made LESS than two weeks prior to the Activity date unless there is an emergency.

Can I use Cookie Dough to pay for an Activity?

Yes! Cookie Dough can be used to pay for a girl's program events, summer resident camps, and even travel. Unfortunately, we cannot accept Cookie Dough online using eBiz. To use Cookie Dough to pay for a program event, please complete the Event Registration Alternative Payment Request Form and submit. The request will be sent to the Customer Care Department to review your request and process your registration.

How do I pay for an order that was added for me by council staff?

Sometimes GSLPG staff will create an order for you for an activity if you were experiencing problems doing it yourself through eBiz. When an order has been created for you and you want to pay for it online, all you need to do is log directly into your eBiz account to pay. You do not need to go through the entire registration process. This part has been done for you.

To pay for an order created by GSLPG staff, go to "eBiz Login". Enter your eBiz user ID and password. Once in eBiz, you will see a YELLOW bar with a "Balance Due" notice and a " Pay Now" link. Just click on the "Pay Now" link to process your payment and finalize the order. If the order is not paid, the registrants name will not appear on the roster, so it is best to do this step as soon as you know an order has been created for you.

Prior to paying, be sure there is no pop-up blocker activated in your browser and do not use a mobile device.