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Bloomz Texting Service


Bloomz is a texting service that GSLPG will begin using to keep membership quickly updated with program modifications, event changes, new resources and more. Bloomz will give us the ability to reach more of membership all at once, as well as give us the ability to contact smaller membership segments (such as Troop Leaders Only, Parents Only, Individually Registered Members Only, etc.) for targeted communications. 

Bloomz will be piloted during the 2021 Girl Scout Cookie season among many troop leaders, service unit managers, and product program coordinators in effort to quickly communicate any modifications to the cookie program due to changing health and safety guidelines. 

Members will receive a text notification from Bloomz inviting them to join their Service Unit group, and will just need follow the reply instructions in the text to continue receiving text communications. Though downloading the Bloomz app is not mandatory to continue receiving text notifications, the app will provide access to more features -  including the ability to choose your notification settings - and a more streamlined way to respond to texts from council.

We are excited about Bloomz and the new opportunities it will offer to connect with our members. Be on the lookout for Bloomz texts throughout this Girl Scout year!