Leader Information

To continue with GSLPG as a troop leader, co-leader or assistant leader in the new Girl Scout year you must do the following

  • Take the Department of Child and Family Services (DCFS) Mandatory Reporter Training and turn in the completion certificate - See Instructions below:
    • Go to www.dcfs.la.gov
    • In the center of the screen, near the bottom it asks "What do you want to do?” Click on Mandated Reporter Training.
    • Then you will be asked register. After you register you will receive an email accepting your registration.
    • Go back to the site, log in and take the Mandated Reporter Training.
    • Once you have completed the training and passed the test, print a copy of your certificate.
    • Hint: You may find it easier to log off upon completion of the test and then log back on to the site. Select mandated reporter training. Log in. At the bottom of the test page there is a home button. Click it. Your information should come up. There will be a few tabs, click on the my transcripts tab. Click on certificate. Then print.
    • Give, mail, or fax your certificate to your membership specialist.
  • Complete your Asurint background check. To go to the Asurint site, click here. (password is volunteer)
  • If you have been a volunteer longer than three years, fill out a current volunteer application form.

The three steps above must be completed before you can be appointed as a leader, co-leader or assistant leader in the 2014-2015 Girl Scout year.