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Staff Directory


Rachel BroussardChief Executive Officer1-800-960-2093 ext 121
Keesha ButeauChief Operating Officer1-800-960-2093 ext 126


Lindsey GuidryChief Financial Officer1-800-960-2093 ext 107
Michelle Lewis Bookkeeper1-800-960-2093

Fund Development

Jill LanglinaisDirector of Development800-960-2093
David LeeCorporate & Events Development Specialist 1-800-960-2093
Leah ScottGrants & Foundations Coordinator1-800-960-2093


Morgan HudsonDirector of Communications & Marketing1-800-960-2093
Asia HebertMarketing Specialist1-800-960-2093

Human Resources

Michelle BroussardDirector of Human Resources & Executive Assistant1-800-960-2093 ext 123

Camp Properties

Michael LindseySite Manager - Camp Wawbansee1-800-960-2093
Tammy FailSite Manager - Camp Bon Temps1-800-960-2093

Sales (Product Sales and Retail)

Franchesca PoseyDirector of Sales1-800-960-2093

Recruitment & Placement

Michelle AnthonyDirector of Recruitment & Placement1-800-960-2093
Shanae ElbertPlacement Specialist1-800-960-2093
Marie BoutvonnoanPlacement Specialist1-800-960-2093
Angela JordanRecruitment Specialist1-800-960-2093


Denise BourgeoisDirector of Member Support1-800-960-2093
Megan PonderManager of Volunteer Support1-800-960-2093
Kelsey RoachManager of Girl Support1-800-960-2093
Brittany BowieTroop Support Specialist1-800-960-2093
Kim Harris-LeeTroop Support Specialist1-800-960-2093
Kim HeckardTroop Support Specialist1-800-960-2093
Marsha MillerTroop Support Specialist1-800-960-2093
Katherine StaggTroop Support Specialist1-800-960-2093
Alison FeasterGirl Experience Specialist1-800-960-2093
Kara GuilloryGirl Experience Specialist1-800-960-2093

Customer Care

Michelle BegnaudManager of Customer Care & Data Analyst1-800-960-2093
Courtney VenableCustomer Care Representative1-800-960-2093
Hannah BoniCustomer Care & Sales Representative1-800-960-2093