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Support Girl Scout Cookies


The Girl Scout Cookie Program is the leading entrepreneurial program for girls around the world.  This powerful, hands-on leadership program allows girls real-life experience in running a business, and includes skills such as goal-setting, customer communication, marketing strategies, financial literacy, and business management skills. 

Last year, more than 300 businesses throughout Louisiana helped girls reach their goals by allowing them to set up cookie booths at their locations.  In turn, cookie booths drove traffic directly to these businesses, which helped increase traffic for both the vendors and the Girl Scout troops.

Would you like to help power the amazing movement of Girl Scout Leadership by hosting a cookie booth at your business?

By doing so, you'll be supporting girls by helping to develop money management skills and confidence that will last a lifetime, while also creating more visibility and awareness for your business and your support within the community. 


P.S. Let your customers know they can get Girl Scout Cookies at your location! Download the poster to hang up by the door!

What will happen once I fill out the form?

Once you've submitted your registration, a Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf cookie administrator will contact you for more details, such as your preferred dates and times, special instructions, etc.  This information is then loaded into a secure website so that Girl Scout Troop Cookie Managers can sign up for available time slots. The site makes it easy for troops so that you do not have to manage the schedule or troop leader requests. Troops can easily find your provided location's specific instructions in their confirmation so that you are not fielding follow-up questions. Troops show up when you want them and where you want them!

When is the Girl Scout cookie season and when do booth sales happen?

GSLPG's Girl Scout Cookie season begins January 11, 2019 and lasts until March 11, 2019. The Booth Sale phase begins on February 22, 2019 and ends on March 10, 2019.  GSLPG will create 2 hour time slots during your available times. We cannot guarantee the number of time slots that will be claimed by troops, and GSLPG may adjust your available hours to a shorter time period that better fits a Girl Scout schedule. For example, if your location is open from 6 am to 11 pm, GSLPG may shorten the available times to 8 am to 9 pm. GSLPG will not lengthen available times. 

How does my support impact Girl Scouts?

During the 2018 Cookie Season, we estimate that 366 troops and 3,284 Girl Scouts in our councill participated in Cookie Booth sales at over 300 locations. During that time girls were able to do some amazing things!

On top of badges the girls earned, they also learned five valuable life skills! Their goal setting led them to plan activities, go to camp, complete service projects, and more! Their decision making helped them create an action plan, while their practice at money management gave them practical life skills. Girls learned new people skills as they greeted new customers, and they learned how business ethics is like making a promise.

Throughout all of this skill building they also sold thousands of cookies raising hundreds of thousands of dollars all of which stays local to Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf. $440,000 went back to the Girl Scout troops! When you see numbers like these, it’s easy to see how big of an impact YOU can have on local Girl Scouts with just one month of your time.

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How do I know who is coming?

Once cookie booth sign ups begin, they are constantly changing. Troops may sign up for a booth and later release their spot to another troop, so it is unlikely that you can get an accurate list of who is coming, and when. However, each troop that attends a booth will have 2 adults and no more than 4 Girl Scouts. You can trust that troops will behave in the “Girl Scout Way.” Should a troop not behave as such, please let us know! 

How do cookie booths benefit me and my company?

Customers are constantly seeking out Girl Scout Cookies, and we drive them to our “Cookie Locator,” which links directly to all of our cookie booth locations. That means once your booth is approved and troops sign up, your location is available to the thousands of customers out there looking for Girl Scout Cookies! Customers simply type in their zip code to find the nearest cookie booth, pushing them right to your location!

What if I forget my dates, need to make a change, or an issue arises? Who can I contact?

Once your registration has been submitted, a council administrator will be in touch with you for more information. You may reach out to that representative at a later date by emailing

Once I submit my registration, is my location automatically approved?

All locations will be screened before being made available to troops for sign-ups. A location may be denied for reasons including, but not limited to, the following: proximity to another approved location, location is inappropriate for children, or a location is deemed unsafe.

Should your location not be approved or additional information is needed, a Girl Scout administrator will follow up within 72 business hours of registration submission.