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From January 29 through February 23, girls 11 and older can show off their cookie business savvy by taking the GSLPG Girl Scout Cookie Challenge!

One girl from each of the council's five regions will be awarded the sale of 10 cases of cookies to a business owner in her community, plus $100 for her troop! 

Girls will get to show off their business savvy, gain public speaking skills, and learn how to market themselves digitally and face to face!

What Do I Have To Do?

Girls will complete a total of 5 Cookie Challenges, making sure to document the completion of each challenge. The Challenges include:

  1. Post on your social media pages that you are a part of the Girl Scout Cookie Champion Challenge with the hashtag #GSLPGcookiechamp (remember to tag @GSLPG!)
  2. Build a "Street Team" of family and friends to promote your cookie sale in your community
  3. Visit a minimum of 3 local business and gain permission to post a flyer promoting the Girl Scout cookie sale
  4. Pitch a Girl Scout cookie story to a local newspaper or magazine
  5. Create a Shark Tank-style pitch video explaining why YOU should be named he 2018 Girl Scout Cookie Champion.

Once all the challenges are completed, girls will put together a digitial portfolio chronicling their adventures in meeting each challenge and submit the portfolio to! Girls have until February 23 to complete and submit their digital portfolios. Winners will be announced March 6!

How Do I Sign Up?

To compete in the Girl Scout Cookie Champion Challenge, just complete this registration form and you will be entered into the contest!

The deadline to register is January 22 and the contest begins January 29, so sign up today!

Tips & Resources

Social Media
  • Use #GSLPGCookieChamp to post about the Cookie Challenge!
  • Tag us on Facebook @Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf
  • Tag us on Instagram @GSLPG
  • Tag us on Twitter @GSLPG
Street Team

This is a group of people who "hit the streets" to promote an event or product. Gather a group of friends of family and get the word out about your cookie sale by:

  • Creating a Street Team Name
  • Wear Girl Scout uniforms and Girl Scout gear while out promoting the sale
  • Pass out flyers in your community
  • Take a Street Team photo at a landmark in your community, and share on your social media accounts - don't forget to use #GSLPGCookieChamp and tag @GSLPG!

Create your own original flyer to display in local businesses (with permission), or use one of these Cookie Flyer Templates:

Cookie Season Is Here!

It's Cookie Time!

Turtle-y Awesome!

Cookie Story
  • Write a story about how the Girl Scout Cookie Program has affected you, being sure to include personal stories about your cookie selling experiences.
  • Visit your local newspaper's website and locate where to submit a letter to the editor.
  • If there is nowhere to submit a story on their website, contact the newspaper to find out how to submit a story.


Video Pitch
  • Use programs like Windows Movie Maker or iMovie to put together and edit your video.
  • Use photos and video clips taken during your previous challenges
  • Write a script so you don't lose your place!
  • Be Creative! You can model your video after the TV show Shark Tank
Digital Portfolio
  • Gather all of the photos, flyers, and newspaper stories you completed during the challenge into a PDF document.
  • Digital Portfolios should be submitted to
  • If your flle is too large to send through email, upload your portfolio using Google Drive, iCloud, or Dropbox. Then send the link to the file to