Karen Gallaspy

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Volunteer Services Director

Lafayette Service Center



Karen loves her job. She is the Volunteer Services Director and in this role she serves volunteers in the southern half of the council, handling the volunteer management process, approves volunteers, trains, supports and rewards them. She supervises Marsha Miller who does the same thing for the northern region. She has been with the council since 2006 and in this position since 2008. She was a Troop Leader and Parent Volunteer when her daughters were in Girl Scouts. She holds a BA in Journalism from LSU. She worked for a few years doing PR work and then managing a Barnes and Noble store. After that she went back to school and became a teacher for six years, teaching Language Arts. Teaching prepared her for this job because now she teaches volunteers and she saw the great need for programs like Girl Scouts that offer children positive role models. She is a Volunteer with the Pancreatic Cancer Action Network and is a part of their advocacy group. She travelled to Capitol Hill with them to advocate for more funding for Pancreatic Cancer research. She is a also a member of Asbury United Methodist Church and leads a GriefShare group for them. She has three grown children: Allison, Grace and Will and says they are the best thing she has ever done.