Who is my daughter's troop leader?

All leaders are volunteers. Without the many female and male volunteers we could not provide Girl Scouting to your daughter. Each troop is required to have at least two non-related leaders in charge any time the girls gather. At least one of those adults must be female. They are all expected to complete a volunteer application which requires them to provide letters of reference as well as criminal background information. Each volunteer is also checked through the Louisiana State Sexual Offenders Registry.

Our leaders are also required to be trained on age specific programming for our girls. Our Volunteer Services Department provides several learning opportunities for our adult volunteers.

What about Safety?

Ensuring the health and safety of our membership is the primary responsibility of all adults who work in Girl Scouting. Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf adheres to the principles and standards contained in Safety Wise, published by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A. Leaders must use its guidelines, in conjunction with the leaders' guide for the age level with which they are working when planning activities.


Current registration as a girl or adult member of the Girl Scout Movement provides accident insurance coverage while participation approved, supervised Girl Scout activities and travel to and from the activities. Accident Insurance coverage begins when REGISTRATION AND DUES for membership have been received by the troop leader and is valid through September 30.

Activities in Girl Scouting are designed with a view toward safety. When an accident does occur, the activity accident insurance plan helps to meet the costs of medical care.

Every registered girl and adult members in the Girl Scout Movement is automatically covered under the plan, and the entire cost for this protection is paid by Girl Scouts of the U.S.A.

It is important to note that it is not the intention of the plan to diminish the need for family health insurance or to replace the benefits that may be available under a family medical plan. Rather, it is the plan's objective to provide the parents of each girl the assurance that, should the need arise; financial coverage is available to help pay the medical expenses of accidents occurring during normal supervised activities of the Girl Scout program.



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