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Girl Scouts of Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf

What is the cost for joining Girl Scouts and how it is funded?

Membership dues are $12.00 per participant girl or adult. These dues are sent directly to Girl Scouts of the USA our national organization. The dues will cover the cost of insurance and also helps GSUSA maintain and provide support for the Girl Scout Program that all girls benefit from. It also helps to cover GSUSA's general operating expense.


The cookie sale activity provides financial support for the council which is used for programs and services to members. A portion of the price paid for each box of cookies sold by a troop member is retrained by the troop for use in these activities. In addition, incentives such as patches, stuffed animals, t-shirts, and Cookie Dough (credits that can be used toward the purchase of Girl Scout equipment or applied to a Day Camp, Resident Camp, or Travel Destination) are given to the girls who participate according to their level of achievement in the cookie sale. Individually registered girls can participate in the Cookie Sale Activity. Contact your local service center for more information on individual girl participation.
The QSP Magazine and Nut Sale Activity is offered in the fall and is an excellent way for troops to pick up some easy money as they plan those beginning-of-the-year activities. Each Girl Scout is given a catalog containing the listings of over 650 magazines, plus a list of music, nut, and candy order selections. The girls can earn individual incentives as well as proceeds for their troop.
Other Fundraising Events
The council sponsors several fundraising events throughout the council jurisdiction during the year to help cover program expenses.
United Way
Girl Scouts of the Louisiana - Pines to the Gulf receives donations from several United Ways throughout the council jurisdiction.
Family Partnership
Once a year Girl Scouts Louisiana Pines to the Gulf conducts the Family Partnership Campaign to give families and interested adults in the community the opportunity to make a donation. This is how we demonstrate adult responsibility for funding the Girl Scout Movement. Funds raised during the annual Family Partnership Campaign provide program opportunities for girls, vital support services for troops, training of adult volunteers, ongoing assistance to service units, and maintenance and improvements to the camp.
Planned Giving
The council is always willing to help donors designate Girl Scouts as part of their estates.